• Dates(Khajur) - Premium, 500 GM

dates have oil, sulphur, phosphorous, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, copper and magnesium which are beneficial for health. Dates are even wealthy in several minerals and vitamins. It is said that one date is lowest requirement of a balanced and strong diet. It aids in fighting constipation, weight gain, intestinal disorders and heart problems.


(per 100g) Potassium : 584mg Calories : 309 Vitamin A : 236g Total Carbohydrates : 73.6g Sodium : 73.6g Phosphorus : 38.4g Calcium : 24.4mg Vitamin E : 16.8mg Dietary fibre : 7.6g Calories From : Fat 4g Protein : 2g Iron : 1.88 Total Fat : 0.4

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Dates(Khajur) - Premium, 500 GM

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Dates ( Khajur),  500 Gm

Dates ( Khajur), 500 Gm

Dates ( Khajur) - Seedless, 500 Gm ..

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