Refer & Earn Scheme


Terms & Condtions to user Refer & Earn :

  • Applicable only with a unique Shipping address
  • Applicable only on the Android Mobile Application
  • Applicable only one time for a shipping address. Users creating multiple accounts and ordering on the same address will not be entertained
  • Applicable only for individual customers. Retailers trying to use the benefit will not be entertained
  • 2% Regular cashback will not be given when refer & Earn money is used.
  • Order total (in which Refer & Earn money is used) must be at least INR 300 Rs. reserves the right to:

  1. Stop the usage of Refer & Earn without informing the customers
  2. Not entertain any cashback or discount on an order which violates the coupons terms and conditions
  3. Not entertain any caschback or discount on any order for any reason that thinks is inappropriate